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Cradled Panels...to paint or not to paint?

I normally like to work on large stretched canvases, but a clearance sale at Michael's got me thinking in a different direction for a change.  

I've never painted on cradled panels before, but these neat looking little "boxes" were so appealing that I bought all 8 of them.  

I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on cradled panels.  I know that encaustic artists are partial to these panels because of the hard surface.  But, if you're a painter, do you prefer the hard surface to the flexibility of canvas?

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4 Responses to Cradled Panels...to paint or not to paint?

Barbara Tibbets
via filomenabooth.com39 months ago

Hi Filomena,
When my last supply of canvas is used up, I'm buying nothing but hard surface cradled. I paint in acrylics/mixed media and find them to be a nice solid surface that is very professional looking when done. Good luck!
Chandler, AZ

Filomena Booth
via filomenabooth.com39 months ago

Hi Barbara,
I haven't started on any of those panels yet, but can't wait to get going. Thanks for replying!

Jody Vajko
via filomenabooth.com38 months ago

Hello from the Pacific N.W.!

I too, am a mixed media acrylic abstract painter. I've been painting exclusively on cradled birch panels for the past several months and love them. My pieces are often built up of many layers and heavily textured. The panels gives me firm support for this process. I've been finishing the sides with gesso, a layer of mica iron oxide (Golden,) and then fluid carbon black which gives a velvet like appearance. Enjoy!

Filomena Booth
via filomenabooth.com38 months ago

Thank you, Jody, for the hint on how to handle the sides of the panels. I still haven't started on them but will very soon!

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